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Why Thanksgiving Is My Favorite Holiday!

I love Thanksgiving.  I love the family get togethers.  I love the food.  I love the lack of presents.  It’s just food and family.  It can be as exciting or as low key as you want.

Growing up, my parents are divorced and on opposite coasts.  I live in New England and my Dad lives in Los Angeles.  For Thanksgiving break from school I always go visit my Dad.  But I don’t go to California.  He plans a vacation.  I spend every Thanksgiving in a different country.  Which is weird because other countries don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and it’s pretty tough to find a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, although we usually find a chef that will try.

 ”Vegetable Pie” is not the same as “Pumpkin Pie”.  Just sayin’.

Fast forward a few years.  I’m a single mom living in Arizona.  I’m staying home this Thanksgiving but I don’t have any family in Arizona so my roommate invites me to her parent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

I’m laying on the floor playing legos with the kids when I hear a commotion.

“Uncle Larry is here!”

“Uncle Larry’s here!”

“Hey, guys, Uncle Larry is here.”

In walks my roommate’s brother Larry.  My future husband.  :)  For him it’s love at first sight.  I take a little more convincing but just a few month’s later we are engaged.  Today is the 10 year anniversary of that Thanksgiving.

The last few Thanksgivings we have spent with my Dad at his house in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  A beautiful place with all the things that make an awesome Thanksgiving… food, family, cool weather, fireplaces, and general coziness.

This year my Dad is not with us, he passed away in April.  I’ve decided to skip going up to Jackson this year.  But since it’s my husband’s and my 10 year anniversary of meeting we still want to do something special.  We are going up to Sedona, AZ to have our Thanksgiving dinner and a hike or two.   We will be eating in a restaurant like old times with my Dad.

Hopefully the chef knows that just because a pumpkin is a vegetable it isn’t “Vegetable Pie”.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving dinner

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