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The Yakezie Carnival: The M&M Edition

Welcome to the Yakezie Carnival! I am excited to host and there were a lot of great submissions this week (as always).

I don’t know what happened to me as I don’t normally eat chocolate.  But the Easter candy craze attacked me and I’ve been eating “Spring” M&Ms like they are going out of style.  I grab a handfull (or two) and put them into a red plastic cup to carry around with me.


Did you know that M&Ms first debuted in 1941 by being sent to troops during WWII?  The first M appeared on the candy in 1950 and in 1982 they were sent to space with astronauts.  NASA now includes them in every mission.  In 1998 they were named official candy of the new millennium.  Awww yeah.

Ok, so do you have your M&Ms?  Good… let’s get started.

Jacob from My Personal Finance Journey looked into the tricks that grocery stores use to get us to buy.  One trick I didn’t see listed was that milk and bread are always on opposite sides of the store so you have to go all the way around to get the basics.  Go check what else they do to manipulate us!

Speaking of grocery shopping, Melissa at Mom’s Plan did an experiment.  She priced out the grocery savings of shopping at different stores vs the gas costs of driving to those stores.  What did she find?

And if you are tired of gas prices, Sustainable PF puts a spotlight on a piece of technology that could save 148 billion barrels of oil.  Hmm…

Peter at Smart on Money talks about how much you should be saving for retirement.  Are you saving enough?

If you are saving enough you can follow in the footsteps of Marie at Family Money Values. She has a plan to put the time value of money to full use.  She invested into a Roth IRA to leave to her grandkids.  Love this idea!

And along the lines of retirement, JT McGee at Money Mamba points out that the top 20% have 80% of the wealth and asks if Social Security is the reason for the growing wage gap between the rich and the poor.  I dislike Social Security for my own reasons, but I have to say, I’ve never thought about this.

While you’re investing you might come across some confusing terms. MoneyCone gives a great explanation of Beta. It indicates how closely a stock moves with the market.  Click through to find out more about that!

Do you need to be more frugal before you start investing? Well then…

Glen at Parenting Family Money gave some inexpensive date night for parents.  HOLLA!!

If you are interested in saving even more money maybe you can refinance.  Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff just refinanced her mortgage.  Go check out the deal she got.  Pretty sweet.

For extra savings you can check out Suba at Wealth Informatics and learn how to save 10%- 50% on every purchase.

You can also be green to save money.  Don at Money Reasons knows saving money can take a lot of effort and some serious willpower. This article describes how to make it easier by living green and frugal.

Instead of being frugal, are you just looking to make more money?

Amanda at Frugal Confessions looks at direct selling as a way to boost your income.

You can also update your skills to earn more money.  Jeffery at Money Spruce listed 13 money making skills you can learn online.

Hunter at Financially Consumed discusses simplifying your finances.  In this article he relates his new, simpler, bike to a simpler life over all.

One way to simplifiy your finances is getting out of debt.  Edwin at Stack the Chips lays out a plan to get out debt.

Once you are out of debt you can start paying your balances off in full every month and get some benefits from those credit cards.  Glen at Free From Broke features the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card – Review.  Even after working in credit card customer service for two years I never did fully understand all the different benefits that can be gotten from a credit card.

Ray from Squirrelers looks at the economis of weight loss.  How much does dessert cost you to lose?

Eric at Narrow Bridge discusses several different types of insurance.  Do you have all these? Probably.

Kevin at Invest it Wisely talks about how the Canadian Dollar and it’s value compared to the US Dollar and what the recent changes mean.  I see the effects of this a little bit here in Arizona.  We have a small Canadian population in the winter and there is an industy that provides rentals to our “winter visitors”.  I’ve been hearing it’s getting harder to fill the rentals because a lot of Canadians have taken advantage of our weaker dollar to buy winter homes. I see that as a good thing… someone needs to buy up our excess inventory!

Hope you enjoyed the Carnival!!


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