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Link Love: The New Year’s Eve Edition

Happy New Year!!!  Despite my extreme desire to do so I will not make this link love a big list of goal posts.  Even I’m getting a little tired of talking about goals, and I’m obsessive about it.  I can’t imagine how bored all the normal people are.

Can I tell you this?  I have a caramel scented candle burning right now and I’m learning that caramel doesn’t really smell very good.  It sounds like it would smell good but it doesn’t.  That’s what I get for buying candles online.

Ok, let’s get to the links.  I have goals to get started on.

Andrea at So Over Debt asks what’s the difference between spending plans and budgets.  (nothing!)

Paula at Afford Anything tells you how to pick a New Year’s Resolution that won’t fail.

Jackie at The Debt Myth is starting a Debt Free Club.  You can join!

Money Cone goes all out and explains the differences between CFLs, LEDs, and regular lighbulbs.  If you ever wanted to know the differences now is your chance.

Maggie at Square Pennies reminds us to be careful of what we throw away this week, it reveals what’s inside the house.  Who knows who could be watching.

Marie at Prairie Eco Thrifter gives us some tips on how to entertain the kids at home.  Can’t ever have too many free things to do at home!

Jeffrey at Money Spruce can now cry out “I’M DEBT FREE!!” and you can be too!


Many thanks to those that host carnivals.  It’s enough reading to make your eyeballs bleed.

My article Support is important when trying to make a change was included in the Canadian Finance Carnival.

My article Cremation vs Burial Costs was included in the Carnival of Financial Planning.

My article I’m taking the 30K Challenge was included in the Yakezie Carnival.

My article Numbers from 2011 that are too crazy to believe was included in the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie.

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Have a great night!  Be safe!

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