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How I Got Free Pots For My Container Garden

full viewI love my little garden!  It’s so cute.  Our tomato plant has 18 tomatoes on it!  It’s doing amazing.  When we were planning our garden we wanted to do more planting in containers but quickly learned how expensive containers are!  It’s not so bad if you want to just buy one, maybe $5-$15 for a plastic pot but when you want to start a whole garden that can add up quick!  So we decided to take it a little slower on the container plants and just plant in the ground for now.

Well, I was coming home from an errand yesterday and noticed the landscapers in our HOA were replacing a lot of the bushes and flowers.  There were empty plastic pots of all sizes stacked up all over the place!  So I took a walk around the neighborhood and tracked them down.

Me: “Hi, um… do you just throw those pots away when you are done?”

Them: “Yeah… usually.”

Me: “Do you mind if I take them?”

Them: “Go ahead!  It will make our job easier.”

Sweet!  So I went around the neighborhood picking up empty pots.  Yay!  I got 14 yesterday and they are out again today so I tracked them down again and asked for more.  They said they would drop them off at my house!  I didn’t really believe it but they pulled through and dropped of 64 more pots!!!

That’s 78 pots in total.  If you want to say each one is worth $5 I got $390 worth of free pot… I mean pots.  ;)

 mega pots!



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  • Shane @ Beating Broke November 15, 2013, 9:28 am

    That’s awesome! I wish I would have found that kind of a bonanza when we were starting our container garden. I spent way too much on pots. And I’d love to have more! May have to find a few landscaper friends… :)

  • Dee November 17, 2013, 8:25 am

    What a great idea! I can’t tell you how much I spent on planters and such last year for my container garden but I can tell you I wasn’t planning to expand because the payoff didn’t actually pay off.

    With a few free pots from gardeners and such, it just might. =)

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