Create A Virtual Vision Board Using Your Pinterest Pictures

dreamboard for MTWant to create a vision board but don’t have a place to hang it… or don’t feel like digging through magazines looking for pictures. Or you have all those awesome Pins on Pinterest and want to have them more visible?  I have a solution for you!

Check out Dream It Alive.  It allows you to create a vision board online.  Pretty cool!

It’s fairly easy to create a board, although it does take a while.  I feel like the controls could be simplified some.  There seems to be a lot of clicking and steps to put a picture on the board.  You choose a category that you want to create a dream in.  Then it brings up pictures that relate to that category.  For example, if you want to create a wealth dream it brings up pictures of money.  You can choose one of their pictures or upload your own.  Pinterest anyone?!

Once you choose your picture there are some very short writing exercises to do.  The first one is to describe your dream.  Then you rewrite that dream in the present tense.  For example, “I want to be wealthy” would turn into “I am wealthy”.  Once you have done the writing exercises you pick from a list of “deeper purposes” of your dream.  Choices include “help me overcome a fear” and “give me more freedom”.

Finally, you get to place your picture on the board!  There are some editing stuff you can do, like angle the pic, resize, and some other things I haven’t played around with too much.  You can also add text to your board, but it’s pretty clunky.  I think a better option is to create an image in ipiccy or some other editor and upload it to the board.  Or find a quote on Pinterest and add text that way.

When you save your board it gives you the option to download it.  When I tried to do that all the pictures were straight up and down, not slanty like I had them.  So I did a screen print and saved it that way.  Not the most elegant way to do it but it worked.

But despite it’s usability issues I think this site is pretty cool to make a digital vision board.  Have you ever made a digital vision board?  Are there any other virtual dream board makers out there that work well?


  1. says

    Ooooh, this sounds cool! It’s too bad it had those visual limitations. I haven’t tried a digital vision board, but I think there is something I like about having pictures and quotes, etc. on a phyiscal board that I wouldn’t give up.

    • Ashley says

      Yeah, I like the physical board too but I can see uses for a digital one too. Set it as your desktop background or on your phone. Good to have both I think.

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